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Country contact

Jim Hill, Associate Dean International Programs

Capacity Building and Research Projects 


UC Davis has provided technical assistance, education, training and materials to support Pakistan. The focus has been primarily on horticulture and extension.

  • AIP - Agricultural Innovation Project. Along with CIMMYT, as the lead, AVRDC, ILRI and IRRI, UC Davis is providing support for the 5-year USAID funded AIP. AIP aims to help farmers in Pakistan by harnessing the benefits of traditional practices with modern science. UC Davis has responsibility for 4 areas:USAID logo
    • Graduate Training (C/- Dr Tom Rost)
    • Perennial tree research (C/- Dr Louise Ferguson)
    • e-Pak Ag looking at the application of ICT to enhance project impact (C/- Dr Mark Bell), ande-Pak Ag
    • Vocational Training (C/- Dr Mark Bell)
    • Contacts: Jim Hill, Tom Rost, Louise Ferguson and Mark Bell
  • Af-Pak. Starting in 2011, UC Davis is leading a multi-campus project to strengthen extension capacity in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Funded by USDA, the consortia includes UC Davis, Iowa State University, Maryland University, Purdue University, Washington State University. A series of in-country workshops are planned to strengthen both technical skills and delivery approaches. The workshops built awareness and skills required for implementing a needs-driven client focused extension program.  Contacts. Jim Hill and Mark Bell