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Since 2007, the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) has collaborated with IPO to run a program of exchange with UC Davis. Under the program, more than 20 students from TUAT have come - for up to a quarter - to work in a UC Davis laboratory. Associated with these exchanges, Japanese faculty have also been able to visit the collaborating laboratories to share insights and review student progress. The program was initiated by Dr Kenshi Sakai of TUAT.

TUAT logo
TUAT is one of Japan's leading universities in Agriculture and Engineering

Key contacts: Dr. Hirozumi Watanabe (TUAT) and Dr Shrinivasa Upadhyaya (UC Davis)

TUAT campus
TUAT campus

In addition to this collaboration through IPO, UC Davis enjoys collaboration with a number of other Japanese universities through various programs across campus.

Dr Bill Lacy and Dr Mark Bell participating in the 2013 TUAT seminar