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Country contacts

Tu Jarvis, Professor and Special Assistant to the Dean,

Water rice
Cass Mutters has worked with small-scale Chilean farmers to improve their incomes

Jim Hill, Associate Dean International Programs and
Mark Bell
, Director, International Learning Center


Agricultural Counselor

The International Programs Office hosts an Agricultural Counselor from the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture. Andres Morande works out of IPO to strengthen collaboration between Chile and California in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management. A number of collaborations have been strengthened and others have been initiated through this program - including work in Plant Material Exchange, Viticulture and Enology, Mechanization, Epidemiology and Water.

Other collaborations

UC Davis has provided technical assistance, education, training and materials to support Chile. The focus has been primarily on helping build more robust and effective extension systems. Examples of former and/or on-going collaboration include:

  • Biotechnology - Eduardo Blumwald
  • Economics - Lovell (Tu) Jarvis
  • Extension - Mark Bell, Jim Hill, Randall (Cass) Mutters
  • Food Science - Diane Barrett
  • Nutrition - Cesar Frega
  • Pest management & crop protection - Albert Fischer
  • PIPRA and Genetics & Biotechnology - Alan Bennett .
  • Viticulture - Andy Walker

Capacity Building and Research Projects

  • Staple crops and Extension. The bulk of rice in Chile is grown by small poor farmers. UC Davis is working with Chilean colleagues on Rice (Contact Randall Mutters) and is presently engaged in helping Chile develop extension models to better reach small scale farmers. Contacts. Jim Hill and Mark Bell

Training courses


  • Chile: Extension design. A 3 day course conducted at UC Davis to identify the key elements of a functional extension system. The course with 3 participants from INDAP Chile was supported by the Chilean Government. Lead instructors: Mark Bell and Jim Hill
  • Chile: Extension systems. A one-day in-country workshop - hosted by INDAP for more than 400 participants (with an additional 200 on-line). Lead instructors: Mark Bell and Jim Hill and Randall (Cass) Mutters


  • Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Grenada. Produce handling and marketing. A two week course conducted in California, Washington and Texas.  The course with 13 participants was supported by the USDA Cochran program. Lead instructor: Corky Lovin

UC-Chile collaboration

For more on other UC activities, visit the UC-Chile collaboration web site