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Afghan Ag Extension Project I

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UC Davis leading project to boost Afghanistan agriculture

Oumar at Farm Nangarhar

With a $14 million grant from the USAID and channeled through U.S. Department of Agriculture, UC Davis is led the Afghan Agricultural Extension Project (AAEP) - an effort with other land grant universities to help Afghanistan strengthen its agricultural extension system and stabilize its agriculture-based economy.

"Thirty years of conflict have left Afghanistan's agriculture far behind much of the world and with little capacity to improve it," said project leader Jim Hill, a UC Davis Cooperative Extension plant scientist and CA&ES associate dean for international programs. "Our job is to help build the capacity of the extension system to connect with Afghan farmers and provide them with good technical information."

Approximately $5 million of the grant will support UC Davis-based work. The remainder will be awarded to Purdue University, Washington State University, University of Maryland.

The project seeks to develop a viable agricultural extension system in a country where 80% of its workforce is involved in agriculture. The aim is to improve household food security and increase income through professional training in such areas as postharvest for grains, fruits, and vegetables, conservation agriculture, women in agriculture, integrated pest management, protected agriculture, and practical management of livestock and poultry.

Project Contacts

In Afghanistan:


Mike Whiteman

Mike Whiteman, WSU, Chief of Party, Kabul, mr.whiteman@wsu.edu

Oumar Badini

Oumar Badini, WSU, Deputy Chief of Party, Nangarhar, obadini@wsu.edu

 David Frey

David Frey, UC Davis, Deputy Chief of Party, Balkh, daveedfrey@gmail.com

Joe Strangl

Joe Stangl, Purdue, Deputy Chief of Party, Herat, joestangl@gmail.com

Sophia Wilcox

Sophia Wilcox, Univ. of Maryland, Deputy Chief of Party, WIA, urblecat@gmail.com


Jim Hill, UC Davis, Principal Investigator, jehill@ucdavis.edu

Chelo Abrenilla, UC Davis, Supervisor, rvabrenilla@ucdavis.edu

Nicholaus Madden, UC Davis, Project Coordinator, nmmadden@ucdavis.edu

Kevin McNamra, Purdue, Principal Investigator, mcnamara@purdue.edu

Chris Pannkuk, WSU, Principal Investigator, pannkuk@wsu.edu

Jim Hanson, Univ. of Maryland, Principal Investigator, jhanson@arec.umd.edu

Extension and Project Resources


AAEP Project and Personnel Handbook (1 MB)

AAEP ieAfghan Ag logos contributing extension and training materials to eAfghan Ag - providing credible relevant materials to those helping farmers in Afghanistan.