Randall (Randy) Southard, PhD

Professor of Soil Science and Genesis/Morphologist Thai-Nguyen Curricula Development in Environmental Sciences and Management
(530) 752-7041


  • B.S. Biology - Utah State University, Logan
  • M.S. Soil Science - Utah State University, Logan
  • Ph.D. Soil Science - North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Randy Southard is a UC Davis professor of soils. His research group studies the processes of soil formation, how those processes cause soil properties to vary across the landscape, and how soil properties affect soil management. Southard currently studies the influence of soil properties and management on agricultural dust production in the Central Valley; fixation of potassium by soil minerals; soil carbon-mineralogy interactions in forested ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada; and mineral alteration processes in California, Hawaii and Iceland.


Soil genesis, morphology, and classification; soil-geomorphic relations; soil mineralogy; agricultural dust and PM-10.

Graduate Group Membership:

Soil Science Graduate Group


  • ERS 60: Global Environmental Interactions (3 Units, Winter Quarter)
  • SSC 105: Field Studies of Soil Resources (8 Units, Summer Session)
  • SSC 120: Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification (5 Units, Spring Quarter)
  • SSC 220: Pedology (3 Units)