Pablo Guzman

California Crop Improvement Association, Retired

Pablo Guzman received a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He worked for the International Center of Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Cali-Colombia as a plant pathologist in their bean program. Pablo moved to Brazil to obtain his M. Sc in Plant Pathology from the Sao Paulo University and worked as a sugarcane pathologist for COPERSUCAR in Brazil for two years. He returned to CIAT for 4 more years and later moved to the USA to pursue his Ph.D. degree in Plant Pathology at UC Davis. While working towards his Ph.D., he provided support to the CCIA bean certification program to test bean leaf samples by ELISA to determine the presence of necrotic and non-necrotic strains of BCMV. Pablo joined the CCIA in 1998 and became responsible for the Potato Seed Certification Program that was transferred from CDFA and the Disease inspected Certification Program offered to vegetable seed companies. Currently, he is also responsible for managing the applications for certified seed production of asparagus, clover, bermudagrass, safflower, sudangrass and miscellaneous crops.