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Peace Corps' Master's International Program

PeaceLogo.jpgThe Peace Corps Master's International Program (MIP) is now offered through the University of California, Davis. The program consists of 46 to 58 units of academic study, depending upon on the program pursued, approximately 12 weeks of pre-service training, and a two-year tour of service in the country of assignment as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Focus and Length of Curriculum

Depending upon the graduate program selected, two to four quarters of coursework are taken before the two-year service period begins, after which the student will return to the university for one quarter. It is expected that a returning student will participate actively in a seminar or formal course with the aim of bringing his/her experiences to the broader student body. Any remaining graduation requirements will be completed during this quarter.

Curriculum details:Peace1.jpg

Graduate Groups

The MIP can be pursued in the following graduate programs at the University of California, Davis.



Applications for all financial assistantships are made at the time of application to the program or through graduate groups in which the student is enrolled. During the two years of Peace Corps volunteer service, a student will be permitted to be on planned educational leave from the university. This program allows a student to maintain registered status by paying a one-time fee of $70.00. 

For more information about graduate student financial support, please see this website: 

Fellowships, Research Assistantships, and Teaching Assistantships

Application Procedures

Applicants must follow the standard procedure of applying to one of the graduate programs that offers the option of MIP. Details of the application procedure can be found at Office of Admissions. The applicant must indicate on the application the request to be part of the MIP. Admission into the program is carried out according to the standard process and is contingent upon the specified graduate program's approval. A graduate adviser and major professor will be designated to guide the student and help design a graduate program that most suits his/her needs and objectives.

Peace3.jpgAs soon as the location for the service is announced by Peace Corps, the student will consult with his/her major professor to identify and clarify the demands of the project report on the upcoming experience.

If for some reason, while carrying out a graduate program, a student is deemed ineligible for Peace Corps service, the student would be expected to complete the program according to the conventional curriculum for a standard master's degree. This also applies to students who do not complete the required period of Peace Corps service. In which case, it would be expected that the student return to the university to complete all requirements necessary for a master's degree, albeit not in the MIP.


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