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Focus Themes

Agricultural Extension - Information for Impact 

We focus on building technical and delivery skills. 

To support this, the IPO has developed the "Information for Impact Series" to share practical materials to improve information access and technical knowledge. 

Improving Information Access 
Improving Technical Knowledge
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ICT in Extension 
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Understanding Extension and the
use of 
information communication
technology in Extension 
Our "e-knowledge" efforts provide 
relevant information to 
helping farmers 


We work with others to create Innovative frameworks - "ASK ME" and identify key factors "TIGRS". While IPO works in a number of areas, a major focus relates to Extension and Information Communication Technology (ICT). To do this, we work with a range of partners identifying, packaging and implementing best practices in both extension (information Access) and in the use of ICT.

Practical useful tools are collated and delivered through our extension web site Link

Integrating Gender and Nutrition into Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES)

INGENAES works to improve agricultural livelihoods focusing on strengthening extension and advisory services to empower and engage smallholder farmers, male and female.
Integrating Gender and Nutrition into Agricultural Extension Services (INGENAES)

INGENAES team members work with USAID missions, civil society organizations, farmer organizations, universities, and private sector service providers in Feed The Future countries on action-oriented training, learning exchanges, and mentoring programs to promote gender-transformative agricultural development and nutrition-sensitive agricultural practices.

For more information visit the INGENAES website.

IPO distills best practices to provide credible, relevant information to help those helping farmers in developing countries (e.g., e-Afghan Ag). We provide packaged value-added messages on both Agricultural content and delivery methodologies. In particular, we are becoming a widely recognized source to support the use of emerging tools (ICT) and how these can be blended with traditional extension approaches.  IPO develops and provides access to training materials and information to help the world's poor. See:

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Starting in 2011-12, IPO became an increasingly active partner with MEAS - the USAID project aimed at Modernizing Extension Advisory Systems. IPO

  1. Led a review of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in extension (On-going) (See Link)
    Extension flow
  2. Co-led with UIUC the development of a series of ICT in Africa (Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania) reports for USAID (2012-13) 
  3. Facilitated the USAID workshop in Washington on the use of ICT (2012) to better serve extension.
  4. Contributed a series of extension fact sheets for MEAS (See Link), drawing on its work published at its extension web site. Link Many of these materials are being translated by National Partners into Arabic and Bangla.
  5. Co-led the MEAS project (2012-13) helping partners in Bangladesh develop their ICT in Extension strategy.


Where needed, locally relevant and local language versions of materials are developed - usually with and by in-country partners.

 More than ever, we need to provide information and knowledge to help poor people in developing countries. Our Knowledge resources provide practical credible extension materials produced and used by UC Davis and other institutions.

 "Knowledge is Power" ..... JF Kennedy